Belinda Winkelmann Dance is Transformation


blanco sobre óxido

3 three-dimensional bodies (two human and one iron sculpture) are involved in the performance “blanco sobre óxido” (white on rust). The creator of the sculpture, the Peruvian artist Herta Seibt de Zinser, leaves her work "Flor" to the performing artists Belinda Winkelmann and Irene Carreño in order to create a performative work.

The iron work of art makes the room appear like a landscape, the white background emphasizes the shapes in the foreground; the two dancers enter the stage in their white costumes. They fit the sculpture so well that they look like a single body, a hybrid of metal, skin, fabric and hair.

The sculpture consists of several segments, each equipped with a joint, which allows the sculpture to transform itself. Suddenly the unexpected: touches, slides, handles, moments of rest, loads, relocations, pulling, shifting weight, movements that resemble organic lines on paper and are functionally part of a perfect mechanism that enables step-by-step transformation.

Human bodies that become sculptures. An iron sculpture that transforms into an almost human figure. Just as the process of oxidation takes time, the two dancers allow time for any change to pass. Transformation is the common thread in a game of communication and precision that could go on indefinitely to remind us that the smallest change in our environment has consequences and that humans are constantly adapting to it.

Premiere: Sculpture Hall, E-Werk Freiburg July 6, 2019 – 30 years of art in E-Werk

With friendly support from:
E-Werk Freiburg, Herta Seibt de Zinser

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