Belinda Winkelmann Dance is Transformation



Belinda Winkelmann is a freelance choreographer, dancer, performer and teacher. Her artistic work is characterized by her need to deeply examine the essential questions of life. In her movement language, she creates forms which cannot be illustrated by words – pure, poetic, contemplative. She creates an aesthetic that is radically reduced to the essence of the artistic statement and at the same time opens space for the viewer's imagination.

Trained in dance, improvisation & performance at bewegungs-art Freiburg DE as well as in Social Science (M.A. Freiburg CH), Belinda Winkelmann combines her skills in choreography, dance/performance, improvisation, philosophy, communication and mediation with creativity.

Nature, people and movement are the basis of her life and artistic activity. She draws vitality from nature. Its beauty, roughness, honesty and transformative power is the source of Belinda Winkelmann’s creative work. She thinks that people’s diversity inspire a change of perspective because they confront themselves and the community with fundamental questions of being human. Furthermore, she believes that this teaches respect and appreciation for every form of existence. Growing up on the farm, movement has always been inextricably linked with her life. Whether in the forest or in the dance studio, for Belinda Winkelmann movement is pure liveliness and an expression of creative and transformative power. Her artistic work begins where the passion for movement and dance meets the depth of being. 

twOne Company

Belinda Winkelmann & Ewelina Kotwa have been collaborating as a choreographer / performer duo under the name twOne Company since 2018. 

Her previous productions “Temporary Illusions” 2019,  “The Great Beauty” 2020 and “red moon” 2022 are crafted with a radically reduced aesthetic with great poetic expressiveness. e.V.

The non-profit association e.V. was founded in 2018 by Belinda Winkelmann, Katja Gluding and Rica Lata Matthes. In cooperation with various social and artistic institutions, e.V. realizes dialogues between professional artists and actors from different areas of society. They strongly believe that cultural and artistic activities can bring about change in social thinking and action. In fact, they implement projects that promote peoples’ diversity as an enriching quality as well as encourage the removal of labelling in society.