Belinda Winkelmann Dance is Transformation



You become a part of the whole does the whole thing become a part of you.

From the artistic research project “all inclusive”, a full-length dance performance was created under the choreographic direction of Belinda Winkelmann and Katja Gluding. 6 dancers confronted each other over 8 weeks in the art space with the enrichment and the challenge of a normality of differences. Mutual looking, looking together, confronting and observing, exclusivity, inclusivity, inclusion and exclusion… experienced, created outside, made visible. Fall out, fall in.

Premiere: Kammertheater E-Werk Freiburg, 8./9./10. February 2019 
Resumption: Kammertheater E-Werk Freiburg, 28./29./30. November 2019

In cooperation with E-Werk Freiburg, Caritasverband Freiburg-Stadt e.V. Funded by the Kulturamt Freiburg, Laft BW, Aktion Mensch, Inta Stiftung, Sparkasse Freiburg

ein/6 · 1 ein/6 · 2 ein/6 · 3