Belinda Winkelmann Dance is Transformation


OFF one’s turn

Where do we go if we don’t stay? 
And then you turn around. Once again. Once again. 
And then you don’t stay, move your life
I go, you run, he / she / it up and away. 

A piece about freedom of choice
Pursuit and flight. 
Universal and personal. 
Light on. Light off

Together, the four performers, with different artistic and cultural backgrounds, explore biographical turning points and transition times. Why? They are on average 32.2 years old, are very active and sometimes find it difficult to come to terms with relationships at home or at work. You are flexible, brave, sometimes driven or simply limited in time. Why? Parce que la vie est belle. There are four of you. Less dramatic, less life threatening, nonetheless real. The round venue with the audience at eye level is lined with a light installation. Live sound, words and a lot of movement are playful, dynamic and confrontational. 

This dance performance was created through an international collaboration between Elenita Queiroz, Belinda Winkelmann and KOMA: Alena Kundela and Magdalena Weniger.

Premiere: Grabenhalle St. Gallen 7./8. February 2017 
La Voirie Biel / Bienne February 11, 2017 
Südufer Freiburg 3rd / 4th March 2017

Supported by: Kanton St. Gallen, Stadt St. Gallen, Migros Ostschweiz, Kanton Bern, Stadt Biel, Kulturamt Freiburg

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