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Temporary Illusions

Temporary illusions (2019) is a dance production of twOne Company - BelindaWinkelmann (DE / CH)and Ewelina Kotwa (DE / PL). In this work, the choreographer/dancer duet ask about the nature of “home” and try to understand a deep human longing to belong. The performance presents the birth as the moment of first separation, “falling out of paradise” and entering the realm of duality. Swinging between a deep desire to experience both wholeness and individuality, while following their own path in life.

The performance had its premiere in Südufer, Freiburg (DE) on September 19, 2019, where it was a big success, warmly acclaimed by both, public and critics.

Other shows:
07.11.2020 – Kammertheater E-Werk Freiburg (cancelled)
5 – 7.03.2020 – Dance Dates, Süduffer Freiburg (cancelled)
16.06.2021 – Rennweg 26, Biel, Switzerland
Resumption 27 – 29.01.2022  - Südufer Freiburg 

“It is remarkable how coherent and how radical Kotwa and Winkelmann are at "Temporary Illusions". This duo enriches the evolving Freiburg dance scene enormously.” Badische Zeitung

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